The work of Anne Van Boxelaere breaths something of the classic, modernist ‚Bildungsideal’ that takes the complex (personal) reality as a starting point for image construction.  Installation of images is a commonly used technique, as a necessity of modern humans to address the loss of control and emotional contact with the "world of things”, which is caused by the ever increasing instrumentalization and administration. (Thibaut Verhoeven, curator)

We live in one comprehensive system of unwritten rules that could not be understood emotionally. This uncanniness is the result of an overdose of empathy and hypersensitivity.  The necessary, almost forced intercourse with this, is the core of the collages and paintings of Anne Van Boxelaere. Her paintings are based on the world that surrounds her, built in a certain rhythm, color and texture. Subsequently destroyed, then reconstructed and partially destroyed. Then partly destroyed, rebuild and again partly destroyed. The construction is moved, appointments changed. Part of history is twisted - as a constructed identity.

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