Anne Van Boxelaere


TREE, 2020
0il on canvas
100 x 103 cm

Tight lines, regular and repetitive grid patterns shape urban landscapes. There are hardly any resting points. That hustle and bustle to look at makes us feel uncomfortable without thinking about it. Anne Van Boxelaere (°1983) singles out these lines and paints them. The grids are a metaphor for how we subdivide and interpret reality. We look at the world from our framework. Her series of paintings of office buildings emphasises the tautness of horizontal and vertical lines. The depiction of light forms an essential part of her work. She uses colours or textures to represent light and make patterns visible.

When we see her work, we are touched because with her paintings, Van Boxelaere exposes our way of thinking. It is a system that determines how we see things, but it is only an interpretation and shows us the relativity of things. 

Read here the full text Indra Devriendt wrote about Anne Van Boxelaere on the occasion of the exhibition URBANISM.

A selection of previous work