all day I’ve built a lifetime 

and now the sun sinks 

to undo it

05.12 - 22.01

Jana Coorevits - Interval #1

As a filmmaker and photographer, Jana Coorevits directs her lens at where the geographical, physical and mental landscapes converge, touch. The sensitive translation of emotions and experiences into image, word and sound is central to her practice.

Her interdisciplinary approach, technical expertise and above all sharp sensitivity ensure that her pieces can arise in an intuitive way. Form and content evolve together - she rarely uses a predetermined scenario. This carefully guarded openness to let poetic concept and material execution affect or challenge each other is what enhances the sensory experience in her works. Colour and sound, text and texture are fundamental elements in Coorevits’ atmospheric, suggestive (audio)visual essays. The work makes visible, tangible, what precedes words.

(Eline Verstegen) 

Full exhibition text:




Audio journeys and playlists by

Stephen Cole, Jan D’Hooghe, Redell Olsen, Paula Chambers, Floris Vanhoof, Peter Lemmens, Helen McCookerybook, a.P.A.t.T., Wannes Deneer, Neil Chapman & David Stent, Daan Gielis, aRzu, Sam Genovese, Willem Boel, KRAMP, Gijs Waterschoot with Rien Schellemans, Lydia Hannah Debeer, Alice Maude-Roxby & Tansy Spinks, Agathe de Bailliencourt, Anne van de Star, Andy Webster, Klaus Osterwald, Hans Hs Winkler, Alan Dunn, Peter Kees, Matt Lord, Brighid Lowe, Bryan Biggs, Matthew Bourne, Mediendienst Leistungshalle (feat. Alligator Gozaimasu), Frederik Vergaert (Intonarumorists: Rachel Daniels, Lena Derwael, Mathias Engelen, Milan Gillard, Kimi Vanheuckelom, Daan Vandezande), AMM-AllStars (Iris Watson, M. L. Hufkie, Out To Lunch, Dave Black, Graham Davis, Peter Baxter, Guy Evans, Eleanor Crook, Paul Shearsmith), Liam Jolly, Líadáin Éire, Tine Neumann, David Mabb, Florian Tuercke, Elisabeth Ajtay, Matt Wand, Nigel Prince, Huma Mulji, Voyager Quartet (Nico Christians, Maria Krebs, Andreas Höricht, Klaus Kämper), Helen Adkins, Gabi Blum, Martin Liebmann, Andy Abbott, Alain Chamois (Paul Rooney), Richard Hylton, Gillian Wylde, Frenzy Höhne, Thomas Judisch, Andreas Mitterer, Keiken (Tanya Cruz, Hana Omori and Isabel Ramos & friends), Ralf Homann, Ryan Sehmar & George Saxon (SPECT ANON)

05.12 - 22.01

As part of the project ‘So The Red Rose’ the Derek Tyman and Andy Webster are collaborating with Radio Centraal.

The radio station has invited them to program a series of seven programs during the run of their exhibition, which will feature audio contributions to their project. The series of programs is called ‘Excerpts from the Vanda Chan Archive’. 

on Saturday 27th November from 18.00 - 20.00

there will be a Preview Program which you can listen to via this link:

About 'So the Red Rose':

Artists Derek Tyman and Andy Webster (both UK) are interested in the potentials for music, certain key recordings and related structures to act as platforms to recall the past, address the present and imaginatively speculate about the future and in so doing, perhaps suggest alternative ways of thinking and living.


In July 1985, independent-minded environmentalist Vanda Chan set off in Arcadia, her home-made houseboat, to sail the short distance from Pulawat towards Pulpap Atolls in Micronesia. A storm caused her to change course and the houseboat hit rocks close to an uninhabited island. Chan believed she would be found quickly, but her solitude would last – it would be over 8 months before she was rescued.


To coincide with the exhibition at Fred & Ferry, Tyman and Webster are collaborating with Radio Centraal in Antwerp.

Read the full text here.


Landscape Set to Music


05.12 - 22.01

"One of the most important aspects for this project was to invite professional musicians and composers in order to use their expertise and create musical pieces that are combining the industrial aspect of my sound sculptures with classical music. Yannick Heeren had used cubase workstation, a digital audio program that allowed him to create a practicable template of written musical scores from the recorded sounds taken from the kinetic sound installations produced by me. The frequency speed of the motor from the installations became the tonal center of the compositions. The energy mass, movement, intensity of irregularities produced by the machines are embodied into rhythmical patterns. "

Credits : 
Anna Godzina - Composer
Yannick Heeren- composer

Cornelia Zambila - viola performer

Hanna Kolbel - cello performer

Ricardo Lievano – drums/marimba performer

Adilia Yip - marimba performer

Dries Tack - clarinet performer

Gorik De Smet- sound engineer

Frank Holbein- cover photo 
Hans Theys - Text