(The projects taking place in our Guest Room (BOVENKAMER) are listed HERE! )

Moon White Rabbit


all day I’ve built a lifetime 

and now the sun sinks 

to undo it

24.10 - 27.11

Mirthe Klück (1991, The Netherlands) is interested in combinations. She makes associative connections between material, composition and texture. The starting point of her work is often a simple idea or something very commonplace. 

Klück asks herself: “can the artist add meaning to seemingly uneventful things, make the impersonal personal?” Or, as Hagakure would put it, can she treat matters of small concern with due respect? (Steven van Teeseling)

05.12 - 22.01


Research into narrative techniques in literature, film and photography lies at the root of Jana Coorevits’ artistic practice. From there she explores an in-between space where the boundary between an inner world and the physical world becomes fluid.

An area where fragility becomes strength, where color, texture, light and form become carriers of meaning. A mental landscape where images are not created through language and thought, but where images emerge from the space between words, between thoughts, the white space around the ink.

In this liminal space an encounter between the personal and the collective takes place.