FRED&FERRY - Contemporary art gallery Antwerp

06.09 - 10.10

25.10 - 28.11

06.12 - 23.01

07.02 - 20.03

04.04 - 01.05

13.05 - 19.06

Antoine Waterkeyn stands for a painting that does not want to be understood as wall furniture or room decoration. His often life-sized paintings fight for an existence as independent, autonomous objects.

Feigl is intrigued by motion and by how materials behave differently when set in motion.

Anne Van Boxelaere's work breathes something of the classical, modernist 'Bildungsideal' that takes complex (personal) reality as the starting point for the image construction.

The work of Liesbeth Henderickx is always approached and shaped by the sculptural medium.

An exhibition with various works by the artists of the gallery.

Aydoslu’s work is often a deconstruction of architectural elements adapted to the scale of the human body and of the space where the work is shown.

FRED&FERRY  GALLERY | LEOPOLDPLAATS  12 | 2000  ANTWERPEN | | +32 476 66 34 39

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