Magic Mirrors

05.09 - 09.10

For this personal solo show, the duo explore the big and small questions of life, the recent worldwide turmoil (during which both artists became fathers), and how the artists have grown and evolved as collaborators. Expect a vibrant combination of shrines, murals, sculptures and rituals!


Frank&Robbert Robbert&Frank grew up together πŸ•ΊπŸ•ΊπŸΌ. They developed a strong sense for the symbolic and political power of images.


Seeking the poetical πŸŒ± rather than the provocative πŸ’₯ they create personal works that invite the viewer to take a closer look πŸ”.


Questioning the status of the artist, they continuously develop new methodologies for creating and showing their art. 


Trial and error βŒ, persistence πŸ”₯ and humour 😊 are key ingredients in their practice.