Robbie Howells

"Hi I’m Robbie Howells. My artistic production sits somewhere between the languages of management and my position as an artist operating in the world today. The disparity between such positions, one of grand scale and little clout has been a fruitful dichotomy for me. I have, as an artist, a cultural value which can be exploited, analysed and taken the piss out of. I often present grand gestures that fail in their proposal to the masses, yet they garner an exchange value, especially in the art world, that I'm particular interested in managing/analysing.

Through an engagement with the modern languages of how society is structured, organisationally/managerially, my aim as a practitioner is to allow my work to operate across the broad, and somewhat contradictory, position that we as social citizens are structured through today. 

I live in Redcar in the north east of England where I operate my studio. I have an MFA from Goldsmiths College and I'm currently studying for a PhD at Reading University.

Robbie Howells
Robbie Howells

FRED&FERRY  GALLERY | LEOPOLDPLAATS  12 | 2000  ANTWERPEN | | +32 476 66 34 39

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