Jana Coorevits - Interval #2

Jana Coorevits
Deining, 2021
Platinum palladium print mounted on aluminium, in black wooden frame
27,1 x 40,6 cm
Edition of 5 + 2 A.P

"As a filmmaker and photographer, she directs her lens at where the geographical, physical and mental landscapes converge, touch. The sensitive translation of emotions and experiences into image, word and sound is central to her practice.

Her interdisciplinary approach, technical expertise and above all sharp sensitivity ensure that her pieces can arise in an intuitive way. Form and content evolve together - she rarely uses a predetermined scenario. This carefully guarded openness to let poetic concept and material execution affect or challenge each other is what enhances the sensory experience in her works. Colour and sound, text and texture are fundamental elements in Coorevits’ atmospheric, suggestive (audio)visual essays. The work makes visible, tangible, what precedes words." (Eline Verstegen)

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A selection of previous work

Jana Coorevits

Research into narrative techniques in literature, film and photography lies at the root of Jana Coorevits’ artistic practice. From there she explores an in-between space where the boundary between an inner world and the physical world becomes fluid. An area where fragility becomes strength, where color, texture, light and form become carriers of meaning. A mental landscape where images are not created through language and thought, but where images emerge from the space between words, between thoughts, the white space around the ink. In this liminal space an encounter between the personal and the collective takes place.

Jana Coorevits
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