Passing life pulsates in her ongoing series of large-scale sculptures. Each work is an evocative glimpse into an seemingly unfathomable world. An elusive coup d’oeil, quickly remarked, yet only slowly unraveled. An image in the corner of an eye, however real it might be, that nestles into memory.

There may be a solid painterly basis underpinning her works, but Brigou does use rather rudimentary materials for her sculptures. However, they are impossible to name separately. Brigou abstracts her raw materials, mystifying them in an almost sublime way: beautifully alluring and frighteningly strange at the same time. The stretched outer layer of the works is indispensable for this: it puts an 'uncanny' filter over the image. Like fragile skin on the point of breaking, it holds everything internally together.

In her practice, Brigou also explores when control must be kept, and when it can be let go. Where the frame is a self-imposed limitation and the canvas encloses what is happening behind it, the work is also created by assigning the materials 'agency'. Brigou’s body takes over during the making and follows the materials, charges them with energy. Impulsively and intuitively, she lets the materials speak without already having an outcome in mind. She doesn't work with preliminary sketches, or planned models; in the unpredictable creative process there is a great freedom to be found.

An overwhelming feeling as well. Beyond the lines and the details, indeed.