Lydia Hannah Debeer is a Belgian visual artist and musician. Her practice explores the spaces in-between sound and image. She creates immersive landscapes through video, live and recorded soundscapes, and music. 


Lydia Hannah's work subtly unravels the different layers of reality, slowly revealing the cyclical interplay between absence and presence. By inviting timeless emptiness into space, Lydia draws out the fragility of landscapes, images, and sounds. Her work thereby mirrors the brittle duality of human existence, caught between the imaginary distance and the shapeless closeness of the real world. It lingers in the mind of the spectator, invoking the onlooker to be drawn after its estranging distance. 


Debeer graduated in Fine Arts in 2014 and obtained a postgraduate at the HISK in 2016. She was selected for two international exhibitions for Young Talent, Marres Currents #2 and New Now 2015 - Europes Emerging Artists, and became a laureate of Art' Contest 2016. She worked in the artist residencies of Hangar in Barcelona and Gasworks in London. In 2020, Debeer released her first album How to Scale a Mountain with the London-based label Bloxham Tapes.