Leyla Aydoslu works with three-dimensional elements and generates a highly idiosyncratic way of thinking about the conditions of painting within a sculptural and architectural context.

Her work does not only deal with these somewhat theoretical questions. In this sculptural work, the material used and the body are given a central role. As a result, the work communicates an immediacy and necessity that goes beyond theory.


Aydoslu's work is often a deconstruction of architectural elements adapted to the scale of the human body and of the space where the work is shown. 


The artist looks for objects of possible interest in the streets, often remnants of building materials, which she then converts experimentally into constructions and sculptural installations that may be both robust and elegant. While respecting the properties of the material, during the creative process she looks for ways of linking the various elements together to the point where a sense of tension arises.

The mould and the cast - negative and positive space - make frequent appearances in her oeuvre. The works have a directness and urgency that is not founded on a theoretical or conceptual discourse.


Leyla Aydoslu lives and works in Ghent. She studied painting at the KASK and also took a course at the HISK in Ghent.