This is the JUKEBOX of FRED&FERRY. While you're browsing and our social media, we offer you the opportunity to listen to the playlists specially compiled by the artists we work with. This list will be curated every month by a different artist. An ideal way to get to know them even better!


The first year of the F&F Jukebox's existence was a true revolution! A total of 12 playlists were compiled by different artists, each with their own preferences and musical desires! This playlist is a selection from these lists. Songs that were also a true (re)discovery for us, F&F.


The playlist curated by Karina Beumer forms the background music to pages 158-161 of Terms of Conditions, the choose-your-own-adventure book, which was presented in the Guest Room (BOVENKAMER) on 29 May 2021. Check for more info!


Leyla Aydoslu's artistic practice includes sculptures, sculptural installations and assemblages with a strong focus on the architectural and the related spatial experience. Her choice of music will definitely not disappoint you for the same reason! 


Many of Frank&Robbert Robbert&Frank's creations arise through trial and error, repetition and transformation. Whether this also applies to the selection of songs for their playlist, we leave to your judgement. Be sure to check out their website:


Jana Coorevits is a filmmaker and photographer. Research into narrative techniques in literature, film and photography lies at the root of her artistic practice. Her choice of music provides extra reinforcement!

Check her website here:


Marc Nagtzaam has been producing a body of work that is based on one main subject: the idea of pattern, the repetition. He draws lines, grids, circles, words or sentences as in an endless search for collecting pieces of information. Check his website for more info: !


Anna Godzina creates kinetic sculptures and installations that sprinkle tiny sounds through space. They consist of found objects such as wood, metal, bolts, strings, electric engines, cogwheels, belts, glass bulbs, water, sawblades and guitar parts. Check her website for more info: !


Anne Van Boxelaere will be hosting the third solo exhibition in a row. Not only will this provide a new look at her work, you can also get to know her subtle taste in music through this playlist that will be online from 06.12! Be sure to take a look at her page.


Given Maika Garnica's affinities with sound and music, we thought it would be particularly interesting to invite her as the Fourth guest curator to introduce her playlist to you. From 28.10 on air! Be sure to check out her website:


Leigh Clarke is not only known for his very committed projects and screen printing skills, he also has an excellent taste in music! A playlist to look forward to. To be listened to from 16.09. Here is his artist page!


On the occasion of his exhibition in the gallery, Antoine Waterkeyn was asked as second artist to curate the Jukebox of FRED&FERRY. From August 19, 2020, it will be on air. Be sure to have a look at his artist page while listening.


Lydia Hannah is the first artist invited to curate the Jukebox of FRED&FERRY. The playlist will be available from July 15, 2020. While listening to this list you can take a look at her artist page.


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